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Q: What is iConference?
A: iConference is the innovative, integrated and intelligent online application for streamlining the event management process. You could use the platform to manage event website, registration form, meeting scheduling and reporting in one platform.
Q: What are the benefits of using iConference?
A: The benefits are varied, and over time we have found:
- Efficient work flow
- Accurate data process
- No investment cost
- Real time reports
- Customizable for corporate branding
- and much more...
Q: How much does it cost?
A: It would depend on the usage and we offer different packages based on your need, please contact our sales for the details.
Q: Could the layout/look and feel of event website and/or registration form comply with the corporate guideline?
A: Yes, the website and registration form are customizable by the user, including layout and color. Our customer support team could help to build a template which is based on your request.
Q: I do not know HTML, how do I manage the website and registration form?
A: iConference has a robust HTML editor, so that you do not need to know HTML coding when you create/modify your own website and registration form. And we provide professional services to help you to build a fancy website if necessary.
Q: What web browsers does iConference support?
A: iConference supports the most popular web browsers, including, but not limited, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
Q: What support do you provide?
A: We provide premium support to our customers. We are recognized as offering very best support in the industry and pride ourselves in setting the standard for how customer support should be handled.
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