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Old school conference registration and scheduling with a spreadsheet or clumsy software takes too much time out of your week. So we look for every opportunity to make iConference fast, easy and automatic - in other words, we free up your time so you can focus on running your main task instead of replying emails and generating report.

iConference has already streamlined the whole organizing event/conference process:
- Event website - promoting your event and delivering the message to your targeted participants
- Registration form - capturing participant details with your desired questions and the accommodation reservation form
- Participant profile - transferring the registration record to profile for onsite tracking and scheduling
- Meeting scheduling - time-table scheduling in different perspectives or auto-scheduling in one-click
- Real-time report - generating real-time reports on the fly, and the reports are customizable
- Post-event survey - Sending a survey to participants for the feedback

iConference has a lot more time-saving features, it is hard to explain in a few words, contact our sales for more details now.
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