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Your data is the most important to YOU and US, we keep it completely safe
These are the ways to show how we handle your data:

256-bit SSL encryption: This means that when you upload or download information or your participants register your event, iConference locks up the information in a code that's really, really hard to break. If you ever shop or bank online, they probably use 256-bit, too.

Secure storage: The servers that hold your data are physically and electronically protected. In plain English: there are guards, security cards, passwords, codes, 24/7 monitoring, random tests and more, all making sure that only authorized people can access your information.

Backup: We back up your data, so you are never out of business even in the event of a server crash.

Safe collaboration: With iConference you can grant the access permission to your agent/vendor to help to manage your event/conference. Having them join you in iConference is easier and faster than emailing spreadsheets or other files around. Plus you never get version problems or compatibility issues.

Respect for your privacy: Mpplication will never and NEVER - sell or give away your event/conference data to any third party.
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